"Eat Cheese, Drink Wine, Live Life Happy!" - Kent 



Can't figure out what to get your friend and family for Holiday Gifts?!?

Try The Cheese Shop MONTHLY CLUBS

A healthy after school snack for your kids, a great care package for your college students,

and the perfect way for parents to unwind after a hard day at work!

Cheese of the Month
$35.95/Month + Shipping

Wine of the Month
$49.95/Month + Shipping

Cheese and Wine of the Month

$85.95/Month + Shipping 


Cheese Shop Holiday Gift Ideas
To make these gifts a little more special…
Add a bottle of wine and get 10% off the wine
(Offer does not include NET wines)


Sandhill Cove $25.00 (+Shipping)
1 x Everything Flatbread Cracker
3 x Cheeses (Cream Havarti, Herb Gouda, Reggianito)

Pinnacle Cove $35.00 (+Shipping)

1 x Carr’s Crackers
3 x Cheese (Point Reyes Toma, Schoch Selections, Vintage Gouda)

Stillwater Cove $45.00 (+Shipping)

1 x Potter’s Cracker
3 x Cheeses (Purple Haze, Young Prima Donna, Barber’s Cheddar)
1 x Sundried Apricot
1 x Fancy Mixed Nuts

Cypress Cove $59.95 (+Shipping)
1 x Potter’s Cracker
1 x Dried Tart Cherry
1 x Taza Chocolate Round (Assorted Flavors)
3 x Cheeses (Pilota, Raspberry Bellavitano, Rimrocker)

Sea Lion Cove $89.95 (+Shipping)

2 x Crackers – Raincoast Crisps (Assorted Flavors), Everything Flatbread
1 x Taza Chocolate Round
1 x Aloha Pepper Jelly From Oregon (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Savannah Bee Honey (Assorted Flavors)
4 x Cheeses (Cave Aged Gruyere, Old Amsterdam, Robiola, Honey Bee)

Blue Fish Cove $100.00 (+Shipping)

2 x Crackers – Raincoast Crisps (Assorted Flavors), Carr’s Assorted Cracker
1 x Mast Brother’s Chocolate (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Aloha Pepper Jelly From Oregon (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Savannah Bee Honey (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Dry Molinari Salami (Assorted Flavors)
4 x Cheeses (Wild Garlic Havarti, Young Queso Manchego, Benning, Beecher’s Flagship)

Whaler’s Cove $125.00 (+Shipping)
2 x Crackers – Raincoast Crisps (Assorted Flavors), Carr’s Assorted Cracker
1 x Dry Molinari Salami (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Tentazione Truffle Honey
1 x Aloha Pepper Jelly From Oregon (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Marcona Almond – Oil and Salt Cured
4 x Cheeses (Robiola, Istara, Oveja al Romero, Black Pepper Bellavitano)

China Cove $150.00 (+Shipping)
2 x Crackers – Raincoast Crisps (Assorted Flavors), Carr’s Assorted Cracker
1 x Tentazione Truffle Honey
1 x Aloha Pepper Jelly From Oregon (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Molinari Genoa Salame
1 x Cheese Shop World Famous Pesto
5 x Cheeses (Epoisses, Truffle Noir, Dry Habanero Jack, Barber’s Vintage Cheddar, Noord Hollander)



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The Cheese Shop Survival Kit...

This Kit Includes:
The Cheese Shop Tote (gift enclosed in this bag)
Picnic Tote with cutting board, knife, wine opener, and napkins
box of Carr's Crackers
Taza Chocolate
3 oz. Jar Savannah Bee Honey
4 oz. Jar Inglehoffer Mustard
12 oz Molinari Salami
3 pieces of Cheese (approx. 1/3lb each)

* For a special treat *
  add a bottle of your favorite wine
and get 10% off wine only



The History Of The Cheese Shop ...

In 1973, a young couple, John & Nancy McCormick, tired of the corporate life, decided to start a business that was fun & enjoyable. Something that would fill all their senses, and something they could share with everyone. They even got two of Nancy's brothers, Michael & Neil, to join in the fun...and thus was the start of The Cheese Shop, a gourmand's Mecca for world class cheeses, gourmet foods and wines!!

Our first store opened in 1973 at the old Valley Fair Shopping Center in San Jose, California. We opened our present location, in the Carmel Plaza, downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea, Memorial weekend in 1975, selling our San Jose location in 1979 to concentrate our efforts here. We added enough room to create a warm, cozy family enviroment that locals as well as tourists from around the world can revel in and enjoy!

I was lucky to join The Cheese Shop family in 1986, upon my return from travels in Europe, and prior to my scheduled return home to Honolulu, Hawai'i. Thirteen years later, I incorporated the business on our same Memorial anniversary, and today can proudly say that we have clients in all 50 states, and 20 countries.

Through this web site, I invite you all to come share in the O'hana (family) that is "The" Cheese Shop, Carmel. Enjoy in sharing all the bounties that our store, the beautiful region of Monterey County, and the world offers!! And remember my motto: "Eat Cheese, Drink Wine, Live Life Happy!"

Mahalo & Aloha, -Kent



What's Included In Our Monthly Club Selections...

Cheeses for December Club Members...

Pecorino di Filiano
This delectable raw sheep’s milk cheese received DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta…”protected designation of origin”) in 2007, which legally defines region, recipe, and heritage of the cheese. Pecorino di Filiano is made in the province of Potenza in northern Basilicata…think the instep of the heel of Italy. The process for making this Pecorino is unique as the curds are forcefully pressed into woven basket molds, allowing for a softer textured to this firm cheese. Aged for a minimum of six months, Pecorino di Filiano is rubbed down with red wine vinegar and olive oil. With aromas of a spring pasture, the cheese is smooth and grassy on the palate. Also look for notes of brown butter and toasted hazelnuts. Pecorino di Filiano is perfect for pairing with elegant red wines (think Frappato) or a crisp white like a Pinot Grigio, or a grassy Sauvignon Blanc.

Capra Stanislaus
Capra Stanislaus comes to you from the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, just 5 miles south of Modesto, California. Nicolau Farms pride themselves on having one of the only goat farmsteads in the central valley. The currently have approximately 150 goats in their herd, a blend of Alpine, Saanen, and La Mancha dairy goats. Capra Stanislaus is a semi hard pasteurized goat’s milk cheese with the perfect balance of creaminess and dryness. They wash the rind with a light olive oil and sea salt brine giving the cheese a slight tang to the finish. Look for a subtle nuttiness and notes of pit fruit on the palate. Perfect for pairing with rich floral white wines and roses like this month’s Albatross Ridge Pinot Noir Rose.

Yule Käse
Inspired by the Holiday season, Yule Käse is a reserve cheese released in the late fall by Beechers Cheese Co. in Seattle, Washington. This pasteurized cow’s milk cheese is made in a cheddar style and wrapped in cloth for 13 months. Following this open-air aging period, the truckles are further aged in red wine and blackberry honey. This gives the cheese a semi-firm texture with nutty undertones. Yule Käse also has notes of sweet red berry flavors from the honey aging. The closer to get to the outside wrapping, you will encounter earthier notes on the palate similar to a traditional English bandage wrapped cheddars. The balance of earth and fruit makes this cheese pair beautifully with bold red wines. Yule Käse is sure to keep you warm during the long winter months.

Cheese of the month members receive....
three wonderful selections equalling about a pound, tasting notes and shipped right to your door, who could ask for anything else.


(Cost is $35.95/month, plus shipping)



Wine for December Club Members...

2013 Albatross Ridge Pinot Noir Rosé
The Bowlus family grows Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on their steep Carmel Valley ridge estate. Their wine growing philosophy involves a deep reverence for Mother Nature and the realization that one must surrender to her trials and tribulations. Their soil type is weathered clay loam mixed with fossilized diatomaceous marine shale and rock….basically it’s an ancient seabed soil!! This allows their wines to express that specific terroir flavor profile while telling a unique story with each vintage. For this Holiday Season we are bringing you their 2013 Rosé. Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, this delicate wine has aromatics of flower petals and under ripe berries. Done in a dry style, the wine shows hints of watermelon rind and strawberry notes. The medium bodied weight on the mid palates is gentle and soft, while the finish is bright with the same mineral notes that define their terroir. Albatross Ridge Rosé will pair beautiful with all or your Holiday dishes, especially those featuring bird/game fowl.

2009 De Tierra Estate Merlot
Family owned and operated, De Tierra pride themselves in creating wines from organic vineyards that are the finest illustration of the land. Their Estate Merlot is grown in Corral de Tierra, located at the foot of Mount Toro in an area that John Steinbeck once called, “the pastures of heaven.” Aged for 22 months in a mixture of new and older French oak barrels, this Merlot has silky tannins and complex fruit. You’ll encounter notes of dark stone fruit and crushed rose petals on the nose. Ripe berries are prevalent on the palate with subtle undertones of cassis and cinnamon. This 2009 Merlot is the perfect balance of acidity, fruit, and tannins. Enjoy with this month’s goat’s milk cheese from Nicolau Farms.


Wine of the month members receive....
Two wonderful selections with winery notes shipped out monthly.


W.O.M. two bottle sets
cost $49.95 + shipping.
Get two great selections each month from
our hundreds of dynamite choices...
no end of the bin or close out wines
like other clubs have...just AWESOME wines
worthy of being in the mostdiscriminating of cellars, YOURS!!


Upcoming Events 2014

Hawai'i Food and Wine Festival
August 29th - September 7th

The Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival is the premier epicurean destination event in the Pacific. Set in the lush island paradise of Hawai‘i, our seven-day Festival features a roster of over 80 internationally-renowned master chefs, culinary personalities, and wine and spirit producers. Co-founded by two of Hawai‘i’s own James Beard Award-winning chefs, Roy Yamaguchi and Alan Wong, the Festival in Hawai‘i Island, Maui, Honolulu, and Ko Olina Resort will showcase wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, one-of-a-kind excursions, and exclusive dining opportunities with dishes highlighting the state’s bounty of local produce, seafood, beef and poultry.

Join our fearless leader Kent Torrey
and The Cheese Shop Staff for our Famous Cheese Table on
Friday September 5th at 5 pm for the
Fourth Annual Halekulani Master Chefs Gala Series
and on
Saturday September 6th at 6 pm for
Hawaiian Airlines Presents Corks & Forks

Yes!!! That's right we are transporting over 1000 pounds of cheese to Hawai'i to knock the socks off of Chefs, wineries and guest alike in Kent's home town of Honolulu (Yes, Kent is a Kama'aina Haole!)

For more information check out their Website


Pebble Beach Authors and Ideas Festival
September 26-28th

The Authors & Ideas Festival hosts more than 30 award winning authors and speakers, including authors of New York Times best-sellers, Pulitzer- and Nobel Prize-winners, as well as winners of virtually every prestigious literary award and much more.

You will find our cheesy staff rubbing elbows with all the literary enthusiasts on Friday September 26th from 4-6 pm during the opening reception.

Tickets are currently on sale for this bibliophilic extravaganza


Big Sur Food and Wine Festival
November 6th-9th

The Big Sur Food and Wine Festival is a giving organization that holds events to promote Big Sur as a culinary destination, supporting the overall health, character and vitality of the Big Sur community.

“Bringing together roughed coastline, refined cuisine, a sense of old California, elegant wine tastings, new friendships and old relationships all in the backdrop of the soul of what is uniquely Big Sur.”
-Stuart Bryan, Pride Mountain Winery

Look for Tickets going on sale soon.

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